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Environment and Development Desk Conference on Water

[Environment and Development Desk (EDD). March 15, 2001.]

Editors Note: The following announcement from Tsering Yangkey (Ms.) Head, Environment and Development Desk, Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Government is posted by TEW for the interest of our viewers.

Dear Friends of Tibet,

Thank you for the endless hours of work that you have contributed towards a free Tibet. There have been several victories in the past year and much of the credit can be attributed to the strong support networks and the dedication of so many around the world. Today, I call on you to rise to another challenge!

Water is a basic necessity of life. As you may know, Tibet is the source of ten major rivers, which flow through eleven different nations. Although these rivers provide drinking water for millions, irrigation for crops - which feed millions, and habitats for millions of wildlife, severe threats loom over the existence and health of these major rivers.

Detrimental actions and policies by the Chinese government in Tibet have led to floods in downstream countries and unsafe water throughout China. Environmental havoc near the rivers' sources has implications that stretch across the lands of Tibet, reach from Pakistan to Vietnam through waterways and still further by air, and can be seen in the eyes of poisoned children and over flooded country sides.

The Environment and Development Desk is proposing an international conference that would allow discussions on the present and future conditions of these major Asian rivers. We envision the conference to unite people of various backgrounds and faculties to work towards realistic recommendations to protect these precious waterways and to alert the international community about this dire situation. Truly, the time has come to work together to protect our precious waterways.

Our Desk invites you to join us and explore how this conference can positively change the future for several of Asia's rivers and millions of Asia's people. Please contact our Desk if you know anyone who has interest in the Himalayan watersheds, Tibet's waters in particular or whomever you think could contribute to such a conference.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Most sincerely,

Tsering Yangkey (Ms.)
Head, Environment and Development Desk
Department of Information and International Relations
Central Tibetan Government
Gangchen Kyishong
Dharamsala 176215
dev@diir.gov.tibet.net or tyangkey@operamail.com


Environment and Development Desk
DIIR,CTA Gangchen Kyishong
Dharamsala, HP 176215 INDIA
Tel.: +91-1892-22510/22457/24662
Fax: +91-1892-24957
email: dev@diir.gov.tibet.net


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