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Tibet launches wildlife field survey

( Xinhua)
May 30, 2013

LHASA - A wildlife field survey is under way in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, the regional forestry department said Monday.

The four-year survey will result in the creation of a database for wildlife living in the region, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the region's wildlife resources, technical director Liu Wulin said.

The survey will focus on the distribution, habitats and populations of wildlife in Tibet, as well as include habitat protection and wildlife breeding, Liu said.

Survey experts have divided the region into 19 geographical units consisting of all wildlife and their habitats, which include forests, grasslands, meadows, wetlands and deserts.

"Our survey will involve a total of 153 species. After the survey, the number and distribution of Tibetan antelopes and wild yaks will become clearer," Liu said.

The survey is the second of its kind to be conducted in Tibet. The first wildlife survey was conducted from 1998 to 2001, according to Liu.

The first survey gave scientists an initial understanding of the population, distribution and habitats of 83 species.

Tibet has 795 species of vertebrates, 141 of which are under national- or regional-level protection.

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