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Dzoege Tibetans' plea for land grab redressal ignored

October 08, 2015

Tenzin Dharpo

file DHARAMSHALA, September 23: Tibetan nomads of Thangkor Township have appealed to the local Chinese government authorities of Dzoege and Ngaba Counties to provide lawful redressal for their land grabbed by the authorities in 2010, according to a report by Voice of Tibet radio services.

The Chinese authorities forcefully evicted around 20 families from their land and nomadic grazing tracts in Thangkor Township in Dzoege County in 2010. The houses were demolished under the pretext of an environmental initiative to ‘turn the town green’ by the Chinese authorities. The 20 families were relocated and government assurances of proper compensation are yet to be given even after almost 5 years after the incident.

Repeated appeals since 2014 have failed to break the log jam over the issue with the authorities threatening the victims of arrest. A man named Jigche Kyab was arrested, the VOT reported.

The latest appeal on Sep 20 by the local Tibetans for a visit by the concerned authorities to resolve the matter was met with a disappointing response, a Tibetan source said. He said, “We repeatedly called the authorities in Dzoege and Ngaba who told us that the issue will not be resolved. We were not given any reasons for the same”.

He further added, “We waited until 6 pm and no authorities arrived. We have vowed to protect our land even under the threat to our lives. We will protect our land”.

The Thangkor Township and its neighboring areas fall under an ecologically rich and visually stunning belt of land that is home to around 1900 Tibetan households. The revenue under tourism has been lucrative with over a million Chinese tourists coming annually to the place making it an area of interest for the Chinese government.

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