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Update from WSSD 2002

[WTN-L World Tibet Network News. Published by The Canada Tibet Committee. Issue ID: 02/08/27; August 27, 2001.]

My Country Needs a Voice at WSSD

I have come to South Africa not only to promote environmental issues inside my country but to also give a voice for my fellow Tibetans who are voiceless in their own country. The United Nations under pressure from the Chinese government did not want us to take part in this international forum. We Tibetans are as much part of this planet as any other country or people and our way of life and values have much to offer the world. Our voice must be heard.

Ms. Tsering Yangkey

Environmental Desk - Tibet Government-in-exile


We as Tibetans have learnt to live in harmony with nature over the centuries in a sustainable manner. The Chinese occupation of my country has ignored our sustainable lifestyle. They have imposed upon us policies and large scale projects under the guise of sustainable development. Their policies do not benefit my people or our land. Instead it is descrating our land and resources.

I have come here to South Africa on behalf of my people to tell the truth about the occupation and destruction of my country. We need the support of all South Africans, and other nations to help us stop this random destruction or our country otherwise Tibet will be lost to the world.

Tashi Tesering - Tibetan Student (WSSD /Tibet delegation)


As a Tibetan Buddhist monk I am here in South Africa to inform all the people's of the world and my fellow South African brothers and sisters that we need you to help us. I have come here to promote peace and to show the world that we are a peaceful nation, that our believe is that we can and must live in harmony with nature and the earth.

The Chinese government does not want us here and what they are doing to my land and to my people and fellow Buddhist monks and nuns inside occupied Tibet is a tragedy that must be addressed. I pray today that our peaceful message will be heard and seen by all the people at WSSD and that something positive can happen for my country Tibet.

Pray for us and help us to inform others about our plight.

Phutchung - Tibetan Buddhist Monk - (WSSD / Tibet delegation)


Yesterday, the Tibetan delegation dominated the airways with Mr. Jampal Chosang His Holiness Representative to Africa conducting over 5 interviews with local radio stations throughout South Africa. We were informed by insiders from SABC that our story about the Tibet delegation having been denied access to the official Summit was aired on most or nearly all news reports.

The Star newspaper, which is publishing a daily paper on the WSSD had yesterday a one page article on Tibet. In this mornings edition under the banner of coolest customers it read "Tibetan Monks with walk and talk cell phones".

This morning (27 August ) the Tibet delegation conducted a peaceful vigil highlighting the issues of Tibet. In the cold and wind and under a dark sky Tibetan flags flew, the monks chanted while others in traditional dress sang. Holding placards the vigil attracted supporters who also took to holding the Tibetan flag. South African TV, Reuters and other agencies covered the event.

Yesterday members of the Tibet delegation had to work on correcting a statement that was sent around the world that the Dalai Lama had been barred from attending the Summit. The truth is that He was never invited and if He had He possibly would have been barred. This morning the misquote was corrected by Mr. Jampal Chosang His Holiness Representative for Africa.

The Tibetan information stand is attracting much attention and sympathetic support from most delegates.

Members of the Tibet delegation lam-based Hewlett Packard's head of public relations for South Africa. HP has huge street posters showing Tibetan monks huddled over their computer, promoting the message that HP is helping everyone and is environmently awear. When asked if they (HP) knew about the true situation inside Tibet their PRO lady could not give an answer. This is an other example of how big corporations are exploiting the Tibetans.

Renato Palmi South Africa

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