‘China warns Tibet climate risks could soar despite short-term gains’


Source URL: https://whbl.com/2021/08/23/china-warns-tibet-climate-risks-could-soar-despite-short-term-gains/

By Syndicated ContentAug 23, 2021 | 11:24 PM

[..SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Rapid climate change in China’s Qinghai-Tibet plateau could destabilise water supplies and cause more frequent disasters, even though warmer temperatures have improved conditions in the short term, scientists said after an expedition to the region….]

I personally find nothing new in the expedition report / above writings ? it’s like blowing (an old tune with that same) trumpet with a little higher note! All the concerned NGOs and CBOs have been making their statement since COP 15 about the melting glaciers and degrading permafrost, and also the short term benefits and long term affects to the riparian countries.

Now with the ever increasing water demand and damming spree of PRC will make it even worse for the downstream countries.

As you might know The Tibetan Plateau has been playing its role as a rainmaker ever since the greenhouse gases content has increased in the atmosphere but due to its sensitive political nature and the human right repression’s within its border. All the geographical and environmental significance has been systematically hidden by PRC and also neglected by the international communities, except for few NGOs and CBOs. All the credit goes to those activists, bloggers and self immolators inside Tibet who have kept its environmental significance alive till today.

It’s still not late NOW to protect and preserve it before its slips from our hand.

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