Damn the Dams


One Hundred Years of Devastation


The Communist Party of China’s 1951 annexation of the water-rich Tibetan Plateau – the starting point of Asia’s ten major river systems – gave China tremendous power over Asia’s water map. In the ensuing decades, the country has made the most of this riparian advantage, but at an enormous social and environmental cost.

On top of what is written here in this article, followings are some more concerns and grievances that would result in the future years after the BHS operation:

1) Creation of methane pockets resulting from the submerged trees/ shrubs and other plantations

2) Whether it flips / disturbs the standing coins or not from the turbine blades but it would definitely put more water mass/ weight on the seismic prone area triggering future earthquakes!

3) Change in Micro Climate due to the water evaporated from the BHS enclosures

4) The clean power/ energy generated from the BHS would be mostly diverted to mining companies making it unclean and most likely to Bitcoin miners in the mainland !

5) so on and so forth .. the list goes on !! Will update later ..