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Delivery and Deficiency: Health and Health Care in Tibet

[WTN-L World Tibet Network News. Published by The Canada Tibet Committee. Issue ID: 02/12/13; December 13, 2002.]

Published by Tibet Information Network (TIN) November 2002 88 pp, December 13, 2002.

"A highly accurate document that far surpasses anything currently available on the subject. It is full of detail and I'm sure that every NGO working in Asia will read it with great interest" - a British aid professional who has worked in Tibet

"A very accurate representation of the problems of provision of health care in Tibet" - a Western doctor who works in Tibet

"Delivery and Deficiency: Health and Health care in Tibet" is available from Tibet Information Network (TIN) (price 12 pounds sterling /US dollars 19 / Euro 19 plus postage and packing). [P+P: Orders from UK and Europe add 2 sterling or US 3 dollars, orders from US add 3.50 US dollars, orders from the rest of the world add 3.50 sterling or 5.25 US dollars]

For orders and subscriptions (TIN Publications subscribers automatically receive a copy) please e-mail TIN on tin@tibetinfo.net or fax on [44] (0)20 7814 9015 or see


NOTE: All TIN Publications subscribers will soon receive a copy of this book and Mining Tibet (to be launched next week, 20 December 2002). Due to potential problems with the post leading up to Christmas, we will not undertake the bulk mailing to subscribers until the end of December. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

"Delivery and Deficiency: Health and Health care in Tibet" forms part one in a series of four studies by TIN on the subject.

Health and health care in Tibet are among the worst in the vast territory controlled by the People's Republic of China (PRC). In Tibet there is a high incidence of diseases resulting from malnutrition, outbreaks of plague, frequent occurrences of retardation and goitres due to Iodine Deficiency Disorders, and rates of child and infant mortality so high that Tibet can be categorised as one of the least developed regions on earth. "Delivery and Deficiency: Health and Health care in Tibet" also reports that the Tibet Autonomous Region has the highest rate of tuberculosis in the PRC, and one of the highest incidences in the world of the rare Kashin-Beck (Big Bone) disease, which causes deformities and stunted growth.

More than half a century after the incorporation of Tibet into the PRC, affordable and adequate health care is still not available to the majority of Tibetans. Beijing's economic development policy for the PRC's western regions, including Tibet, tends to focus on large-scale infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, dams and power stations while neglecting "soft" infrastructure such as health and education provision. As a result of the failure of the health system to reach rural areas, coupled with prohibitive medical costs, large numbers of Tibetans are dying from easily treatable conditions such as diarrhoea, dysentery and pneumonia.

Contact Tibet Information Network, tel: [44] (0)20 7814 9011 fax: [44] (0)20 7814 9015, e-mail: tin@tibetinfo.net or see www.tibetinfo.net


Tibet Information Network is an independent news and research service that collects and distributes information on the situation in Tibet. Based in London, with newsgathering centres in India and Nepal, TIN monitors political, social, economic, environmental and human rights conditions in Tibet and publishes the information in the form of news updates and a range of other reports. TIN is registered as a charity in the UK and as a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit organisation in the US.

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