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Return of Tourists to Dharamshala Make Residents Feel Cheerful

[WTN-L World Tibet Network News. Published by The Canada Tibet Committee. Issue ID: 2006/01/26; January 26, 2006.]

Dharamshala | January 26, 2006 (ANI)

Dharamshala, a place wooded with oak and conifer trees and snow capped mountains enfold three sides of the town while the valley stretches in front. After the recent snowfall, people in tourism sector in Dharamshala are doing a brisk business as the snowfall has brought the flow of tourists back to the hill station.

Dharamshala, the district headquarter of Kangra district, lies on the spur of the Dhauladhar range about 18 kilometres in the north east of Kangra town. The snow line is perhaps more easily accessible at Dharamshala than at any other hill resort.

The charm of Dharamshala is back after the snowfall. Tourists have thronged the little hill station.he tourism industry of Dharamshala is upbeat about the sudden increase in the number of tourists in the city.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for the tourism industry. This is the first or second rain of winter and this will surely enhance the tourism in next few months," says Prem Sagar, Travel Agent.

Tourists generally come to Dharamshala to see snowfall. As the snow fall was getting late the inflow of tourists in Dharamshala was declining. Restaurants are filled with tourists and the demands of woollen clothes have also increased as the temperature is low. The resident businessmen and shopkeepers are happy as the glory is coming back to the market.

"It's nice now, the tourists are coming back. The markets were quiet earlier but after the snowfall tourist started coming in. They are buying woolen clothes and the restaurants are full as well, " says Tenzin Choddar, a Shopkeeper.

Generally the people, who love mountains or many devotees wishing to meet Dalai Lama usually come to Dharamshala.

"I love mountains that's why I feel great here. It is really nice, at the moment it's quite cold season. It was raining for the last three days, some snow was here as well. It's a beautiful countryside but it's not like spring it's quite cold a little bit dark, we are waiting for the Sun," said Thomas, German tourist.

In 1905, tragedy struck Dharamshala when an earthquake levelled it completely. After its reconstruction, Dharamshala flourished as a quiet health resort. It is divided into two distinct parts. Lower Dharamshala has civil offices and business establishments with courts.

Kotwali Bazar and Upper Dharamshala compose of places with names which bear witness to its history like McLeod Ganj and Forsythe Ganj. Since 1960, when it has became a temporary headquarter of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Dharamshala has risen to international fame as "The Little Lhasa in India". (ANI)

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