The following list includes maps and related geographical information about Tibet.

Maps of Tibet

  • The Tibetan lama who wrote a world geography
  • Physical Map of Tibet

Maps of Lhasa

  • Introduction: Travel Ethics in Tibet
  • Lhasa: Key to Lhasa Map
  • Lhasa: West Area
  • Lhasa: Central Area
  • Lhasa: East Area
  • Lhasa: Barkhor Area

Satellite Maps Series

  • About The Satellite Maps Series
  • Tibet and Asia
  • Satellite Map of Tibet
  • Tibet: Northwest Quadrant
  • Tibet: Northeast Quadrant
  • Tibet: Southwest Quadrant
  • Tibet: Southeast Quadrant

Historical Maps Series

  • About The Historical Maps Series
  • Historical Map of Tibet I: Yarlung Dynasty, CA 7th-9th centuries.
  • Historical Map of Tibet II: From the Late Yarlung Period to the Beginnings of Chinese Expansion into Eastern Tibet.
  • Historical Map of Tibet III: The Western Extent of the Manchu Empire, CA 1800.
  • Historical Map of Tibet IV: The End of Isolation, 1940-49
  • Historical Map of Tibet V: Chinese Administrative Control of Eastern Tibet, CA 1995

The Tibet Map Institute

URL: The Tibet Map Institute’s objective is the mapping of the Tibetan area using: (a) toponyms given by travellers, cartographers, etc., and (b) Landsat satellite photos. The aim is to give a picture of Tibet before the establishment of the Chinese Administration (1950). Those maps are also interesting for private travellers due to the precision of geographic details and the number of villages. Presently 32 maps (including more then 5000 place-names) are available from Kyirong Dzong to Pome(between 28 to 31 degree north and 85 to 96 degree east). Each A3+ map covers 1 by 1 degree of long/lat. with a scale of 1:310 000 (33x45cm). Each A4 map covers 1 by 1 degree of long/lat. with a scale of 1:500 000 (21x30cm).

Geographical Information

  • Sena not pleased with Modi’s China visit, fumes over CCTV’S India map sans J&K, AP
  • Fossil Leaves of Elaeagnus First Found in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  • The Fate of Tibet’s Nomadic Peoples and the Decline of Global Cultural Diversity
  • Tibetan Plateau may be older than previously thought
  • Encroaching deserts threaten life along Tibet’s longest river
  • Baba Himalaya –”Father of the Himalayas”
  • Retreat of glaciers since 1850: Reference
  • Frogs evolution tracks rise of Himalayas and rearrangement of Southeast Asia
  • Valleys of China: Trending topics
  • Retreat of glaciers since 1850: Map
  • Environmental Facts

Photo Gallary

  • National Parks

Protected Land

  • National Parks

Tibet: Environment and Development Issues Maps